Ghost Ship

As a concession to the hubby, who had graciously allowed me to take over the house with schools upon schools of fish, I agreed that we could have an aquarium tailored more to his tastes. Being a military buff, he insisted on an aquascape along those lines and eventually decided on a massive sunken battleship as the centerpiece for 'his' aquarium. The aged and desolate-looking piece evoked memories of a graveyard, and so the concept for Ghost Ship was born.

I knew from the start that I wanted to keep largely to a black-and-white fish palette fish to create an eerie, somewhat ephemeral effect. But since this would be for the hubby's viewing pleasure, I chose to focus on larger, more robust species perhaps reminiscent of  fish in the deep sea.

This tank is still under construction. Pictures coming soon!

  • Aqueon 40B w/36" Versatop
  • Aquaclear 70 HOB
  • Eheim 2215 canister
  • Hydor ETH 300W inline heater
  • Hydor Hydroset thermostat
  • Finnex 24/7+
  • Quickrete pool filter sand (#100)
  • Live plants
  • Deep Blue resin decor

  • Redeye tetra (Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae)
  • Diamond tetra (Moenkhausia pitteri)
  • Black phantom tetra (Hyphessobrycon megalopterus)
  • Bandit cory (Corydoras metae)
  • Black kuhli (Pangio kuhlii)

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