Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dinner Bell: Tetramin Flakes

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Tetramin Tropical Flakes was the first food I tried with my tetras...largely because a sample pack came for free in the aquarium kit. I don't know how it smelled to the fish, but to me it simply stank, and while the fish ate it since it was all I had while waiting for the other foods I'd ordered to be delivered, it clearly wasn't their meal of choice compared to whatever the LFS had been feeding.

  • Only two preferred protein ingredients are included in the top 10, and these are of unknown quality as the source is not indicated. 
  • This food contains artificial colorants, ethoxyquin, and menadione sodium bisulfite which are potentially harmful.
  • Most vitamins come from artificial sources.

Crude Protein     47%
Crude Fat           10%
Crude Fiber        3%
Moisture             6%
Phosphorus         1%
Total Energy Points: 332 (too high, may cause fatty liver)

Rating: 1:6