Sunday, January 8, 2017

Product Review: Aquatic Fundamentals 50/65 Upright

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When I first began planning my aquarium upgrades I decided to give Aquatic Fundamentals stands a try, mostly because the clean, simple design worked well with my decor and there was some degree of consistency in style between the various sizes of stands. The powder-coated finish, touted as easy to maintain, was a plus.

After a number of customer service issues (related to the company I ordered from, and not the manufacturer) I finally received my first stand, a 50/65 Upright. It was relatively easy to assemble, or so the hubby tells me, and felt quite solid and stable once it was turned upright and leveled on my dining room floor. The backless design made running electrical cords and tubing for the canister filters a snap, though it did require a bit of improvisation on my part to figure out how to keep the cats out.

Closing in on a year now, it still looks great despite repeatedly having water splashed on discoloration or bubbling of the finish at all. In fact, I liked it so much I ordered a second one, and will likely order several more in the future. Rating: 10:10

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