Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fish Tales: Agamemnon

Agamemnon was an adventurer to be sure, and the longest-lived beta I've ever met. He started out as my baby sister's dorm pet while she was at SUNY Oswego, surviving all the insanity of college life including being dropped into a bowl of salsa and then nearly flushed when her roommate's visiting mother thought he was dead. Note to other fish-keepers: eating chips and dip while cleaning your aquarium is apparently a BAD IDEA. From the dorms, he followed her to her first apartment in downtown Syracuse. We thought they'd be together til he died, since the average lifespan of a beta is only about four years.

Then she was accepted to a research program on the west coast, and Agamemnon couldn't go with her. Due to time constraints she'd have to fly, and while airlines will let you take your dog/cat/pot bellied pig for a fee, fish were out of the question. So onto the floorboard of her car went Aggie in a 
two-gallon pico tank for the drive from NY to VA where he would be staying with me.

Much to my surprise, Aggie lived for almost another four years, surviving a bout with fin rot, a mysterious infection that swelled his head and left him blind in one eye, my marriage and subsequent move to a new home, and two curious cats. He finally went to the Great Fishbowl in June of 2014.

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