Sunday, January 22, 2017

Customer Service Review:

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that there was a story behind the Aquatic Fundamental stands. Well, here it is...

On Christmas Eve 2015, was offering the Aquatic Fundamentals 50/65 Upright on sale. Since this stand is not available in-store in my area and it had sold out when it was on sale previously, I placed an order immediately knowing full well that it would not be processed until after the holiday. However, when I finally received my confirmation email on Monday morning, it indicated the incorrect size of stand!

I immediately contacted Petco's customer service number, where I was told that the order had not yet been forwarded to Aquatic Fundamentals and would be promptly cancelled; a new order would be submitted for the correct size, and I would only be charged the price of the stand as of 24 December since this was apparently caused by computer error on their end. I even received an email confirming that the first order had been cancelled, and a second indicated that a new order had been submitted. All was good, right?

Due to continued computer issues, the warehouse never updated the shipping tracker, so I had no way of knowing whether the stand had actually shipped or when it was going to arrive. A box finally did appear on January 4...but it was the order that had supposedly been cancelled! And I had no way of returning the useless stand because according to their computer, I had never received it. Now I had a 60# box of useless aquarium stand parts sitting in the middle of my floor. Fortunately, the correct stand finally arrived on January 7 despite the tracker not showing that it had ever left the warehouse. A supervisor later called and made arrangements for a courier to come out and retrieve the stand that I'd been shipped in error.

And the real kicker... When I received my credit statement after all this was over, they hadn't charged me for either stand. I do try to be honest in my business dealings, so I let them know. Despite several attempts, however, Petco's computers continued to indicate that I had already paid despite my account never having been billed. Rather than drag out the drama, they let me keep the stand for free.

Dealing with the repeated computer errors was a bit of a headache, but they did everything they could to resolve the  issue as quickly as possible. 

Rating: 9:10

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