Sunday, January 1, 2017

An Expensive Snack

a.k.a Why Not to Keep Shrimp With Your Beta

Several of my friends have kept shrimp in their beta tanks without any difficult, so I figured I'd give some red cherry shrimp a try. After all, my beta seemed pretty mellow and had never shown aggression toward any of his previous (albeit temporary) tank-mates. I failed to take something very important into consideration, though.

Mike...was a picky eater. If it wasn't API Tropical Flake or Aqueon Beta Bites, he wouldn't touch it. He turned up his nose at any other flake, daphnia, and every type of freeze-dried worm I offered. Turns out, it was because he wanted his dinner live and wriggling. Instead of my shrimp laying eggs and making cute shrimp babies, they quickly became an expensive beta snack!

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