Sunday, December 11, 2016

My (Abbreviated) MTS Story

My journey into multiple tank syndrome began as a child. My parents kept fish--at first angels, then later tetras and goldfish--for many years. I later branched out on my own with guppies, and then jumped almost directly into pico aquariums...something most aquarists don't generally recommend for beginners. But then I've never been much of one to follow the rules...

Then life intervened. Fish died or were given away, and much of my equipment ended up in storage; trying to maintain aquariums when one suddenly finds oneself without a job is far from easy. But I still missed my fish, and my sister moving cross country and abandoning her beta to my care only brought that desire back to the forefront more keenly. My then-fiance, realizing this, promised that when we bought a house I could have as large a tank as I wanted and the structure could support so long as I was responsible for the maintenance. He probably shouldn't have made that offer, because it snowballed into full-blown MTS. I currently have eleven tanks in various stages of planning and build-out...and some consider me to have a mild case.

My dearest friends in the aquatic world--fellow fish-keepers all--are convinced that I'm insane. How do you keep it all straight, they ask, with what tanks are running which equipment, which fish are living where and their feeding schedules, water parameters and water changes. It's not easy, I'll admit, and I've got calendars, databases, and spreadsheets galore to help me manage it all. But fish are my therapy, and the thought and planning required to meet each new challenge as it arises keeps me sane.

How did you get into fish keeping...?

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